Considering that a complete understanding of nanotechnology is governed by the close linkages of a multitude of disciplines, INN realizes the importance of acquiring the necessary competencies and training programs which may be lacking in the curriculums of most graduate programs.

Since each course may be focusing on one or only few of these diverse related fields, it may not be able to satisfyingly cover the whole range of topics that link these multiple disciplines which is supposed to be the foundation of the study on nanoscience as a whole.

Thus, on this regard, we, at INN offer a training program that is designed to help the students to successfully realize these interdisciplinary linkages in the field.

This program will gauge their understanding on the fundamental roles and interactions of the various disciplines in the study such as engineering, chemistry, and physics.

They will also comprehend the development of the various kinds of nanotechnologies that will supplement their current knowledge and experiences as provided by their respective educational institutions.