In the rapidly expanding field of nanotechnology, it is a must to be continuously updated with the current trends and undertakings in this field.

Thus, with the aim to mobilize the flow of information in nanotechnology on a local, national and even global scale, INN organizes seminars every two months in the form of webinars and through the utilization of the other online conference tools available.

This aims to provide the members of the network more insights about the rapid growth in research and development in nanotechnology. Students, researchers, and industries realize how they can actually contribute in it and in turn, benefit from the outcomes of it.

Through these initiatives, the INN is also able to provide relevant trainings and workshops that facilitate the integration of interdisciplinary learning of nanotechnology. In addition, these help develop the necessary competencies that will meet the research and industrial standards as may be required.

It is assured that people with common interests in nanotechnology are continuously provided with the relevant and updated information and progress in the field.

Whatever your needs are be it in educational, research, career, or business aspect, you will be able to find what you need from these seminars. They also open the path to numerous opportunities for learning, funding, job-seeking and many more.