With the ever growing opportunities for nanotechnology particularly in the branch of research and development, the INN is also investing on empowering junior researchers.

Here, we provide them the relevant workshops and training to further the reach of their current undertakings, improve their outputs and thus, facilitate research advancement in the area. INN coaches and mentors them to help establish their early career in research.

The INN spearheads various activities which will guide them on the key areas in research. Nanotechnology encompasses a wide range of applications in various aspects including medicine, electronics, transportation and communication, materials and engineering, biotechnology, national security and the like.

INN believes that through these it will be able to expand the availability of opportunities for junior researchers to motivate and even inspire them more to intensify their research efforts for better research outcomes.

Aside from the relevant trainings and workshops that INN provides, it also organizes fundraising events to help the junior researchers find prospective sponsors or grants to fund their research activities.

There may also be institutions who may offer them with scholarships or the facilities where they can conduct tests and experiments as may be needed. At the same time, other group of researchers who are working on similar studies may be willing to collaborate with them.

Through these efforts, more people may be encouraged to become field researchers who will endeavor on fostering the development of more efficient nanotechnologies.

No matter how costly it may be, it most likely guarantees that there will always be people who will be working on what becomes beneficial to a lot of people.

It is then also believed that these will be vital prerequisites to establish center of excellence in this field.