As former students from the Nanoscience Center of JYU, we have also realized how important is the integration between universities and other higher educational institutions and the industries to produce competitive graduates that are qualified to meet the industrial needs and standards.

With the knowledge and insights on the latest job specifications and offers, recent research trends and product demands in the marketplace, the educational institutions can revise their curriculums or modify their course requirements.

As a result, the students will be equipped with the necessary skills and competencies which will better prepare them in their prospective career paths.

On the other hand, the industries can expect that the people whom they will be hiring have acquired the fundamental governing theories and knowledge, and have received the best training practices. These are the people who can better handle and satisfy the key job requirements.

As such, we from INN, work closely with different high-technology industries including:

  • manufacturers of nanotechnology-based products
  • computers, electronic and optical products
  • basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations
  • air and spacecraft and related machinery

By narrowing the gap between the industrial and educational sectors, INN believes that this will produce highly skilled workers and well-versed researchers. It is then hoped that this will help to continuously improve the quality of the wide range of nanotechnology-based products and services in the future.