As inevitable as it may be, technology is most often tagged as a “double-edged sword”. There are benefits but these may also be accompanied by the potential hazards and risks. As such, nanotechnology is not even an exception to that possibility.

However, the question whether nanotechnology-based products have by-products that are toxic to the environment is still being debated, and further studies are still being conducted to prove (or disprove) it.

Nonetheless, the current global efforts of governments and various environmental organizations and institutions alike encourage the development of green technologies to reduce or even reverse the environmental hazards brought about by manmade activities.

Here at INN, we are also working hard to support this move. We do so by supplying the latest and relevant information directly from the resources available in the EU headquarters.

These may then serve as useful and critical references which may guide potential researchers and experiment enthusiasts in developing and/or creating cleaner, sustainable, and efficient nanotechnology-based products.

While fostering the growth of the field of nanotechnology in the area of research and development, we also want to ensure that we are also addressing the key issues regarding the negative environmental impacts of nanotechnology and how they can be eradicated.

We want to encourage researchers and inventors to develop nanotechnology-based products which have prior compliance to the appropriate standards which make them environment-friendly.

Hence, we are coordinately striving to lay out these comprehensively to create greener and safer technologies through informative and reliable resources.