INN establishes its consultation services which to guide you on your project or research undertakings by referring your work to the experts in the field. They can surely assist you to outline and continuously improve the technical aspects of your work.

If you are a student who wants to look into the potential research areas in nanotechnology, you can learn more through their valuable insights and expert advices.

If you are a researcher, you can assertively discuss with the consultants the specific aspects of your research where you need help to improve the overall quality of your research and/or project objectives, thus producing better outcomes as may be expected.

Depending on the kind of specialization or the particular sub-field you are focusing on, it is rest assured that you can refer your concerns, queries and other important considerations to the appropriate people.

To let you do so, we provide you the list of our consultants in our database based on their field of expertise including those who are skilled in materials technologies that utilize nanotechnology.

In this way, the INN specialists can help you better by referring you to the technical experts who exactly qualify for and satisfy your specific needs and preferences.

You may contact the INN specialists now to help you get started and hear only from the best group of experts in the field.