Who would have thought how objects of microscopic size could largely revolutionize the way technology works in these present times.

The studies conducted in the field of nanotechnology have deepened our understanding of how things work on a nanoscale. Note that one nanometer is just a billionth of a meter.

Nanotechnology has helped shed light on how small-scale objects may function better than their larger counterparts. Moreover, these have enabled innovators to design and engineer extremely small devices and materials which are hailed as “the materials of the future”.

Nanotechnology today plays a significant role in other advancing technologies such as the ones used in medical treatment, the manufacturing of more durable electronic tools, gadgets, security equipment (e.g. nanotechnology-based surveillance equipment), and others.

To keep the public and those interested updated on the most recent trends in this new technology, the Introduction Nanoscience Network (INN) brings to light the latest developments, publications, and other available resources on nanotechnology.

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Whether you are a student, a researcher, an entrepreneur, or just anyone who wants a grasp of what nanotechnology can do for you, this is the perfect place for you.

We are working on this initiative to bring together different people, yet with a common interest in nanotechnology-related researches, products and services, and their potentials to transform the technologies of the future.

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In turn, this also serves as an avenue to obtain grants or financial supports that can fund researchers and projects. The latter is believed to help further enrich our current perception of nanotechnology and explore its numerous applications in the various the fields of science.

As for an example, this can be essentially used in the field of medicine as it may enable the deliberate diagnosis and/or treatment of cancers and other life-threatening illnesses. As it is currently, the mortality rates are still relatively high among those with these medical conditions despite the existence of numerous technological advancements.

Nonetheless, we still utilize nanotechnology in our everyday lives – from the clothes we wear, the water we drink, the food we eat, the gadgets we use, and etc.  Hence, this is certainly the perfect place where you can explore the important features of nanotechnologies.

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In that way, this will not only change the way we develop our technologies but will also change how these technologies actually benefit the society in various ways possible.

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